Narrators for this project were chosen because of their critical involvement with the Dallas fashion industry from 1950-2000.  Their careers are varied, selections intentionally crafted to completement each other and to demonstrate the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate parts of the field.  Efforts were made to include professionals from different time periods and with varying gender and sexuality identities, and future interviews intend to correct for a lack of racial diversity that is missing from this project, the historical record, and the fashion industry more generally.

Each narrator was contacted via email with a brief description of the project and a request for a pre-interview.  Pre-interviews were conducted with each person over the phone, where the scope of the project was shared (spanning this digital humanities project, inclusion in the UNT Oral History Program, and later potential publication), and questions from narrators were fielded.  Every person approached agreed to participate.

Because this project commenced during the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all interviews were conducted remotely.  Decisions about whether to record via Zoom video chat (with video archived or not archived) or over the phone were lead by narrators based largely on their comfort levels with technology.  

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