A team of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in HIST 4261/HIST 5100,  African Americans in North Texas: A Public History Research Seminar, at the University of North Texas researched and constructed this online museum during the Spring 2018 semester under the supervision of Professors Andrew J. Torget and Todd Moye and teaching assistant Kylie Woodlock.

Working in teams, the students researched the history of St. John's Baptist Church and St. John's Cemetery , the people who are buried there, and the social, religious, geographic, and economic networks to which they were connected. They documented the historical memory of the cemetery and church community and placed the St. John's community in the contexts of local and statewide history during the period from the end of Reconstruction to the Great Depression.

We believe that all of the items we have included in the museum are either in the public domain or can appear here under terms of fair use for educational purposes. If you hold copyright on an item and believe we have posted it illegally or with improper attribution, please contact us.


St. John's in Historical Memory
David Lacy
Amanda Canady
Josh Reynolds
Sophia Waldron

Pilot Point/Denton County History
Kim Jackson
Reece Benson
Elijah Finley
Eric Richards
Haley Brown

People of St. John's
Nick Ballesteros
Hannah Stewart
Daniel Covell
Micah Crittenden
Jessica Floyd
Brittney Jarvis
Emily Bowles
Chris Beal 

Church Networks
Sarah Cunningham
Jonathan Litsey
Abby King

Education Networks
Carrie Hausman
Alexandria Wolridge
Lauren Hatch

Freedmen's Communities
Shaffer Bonewell
William Bullard
Katelyn Hoagland
Rebecca Brockette
Robert Craig

We are grateful to the following individuals, institutions, and collections for collaborating with us: