L. D. "Lover" Vaughner

VAUGHNER, L. D. LOVER: (1898-1994):  L.D. “Lover” Vaughner was born on January 7, 1898, to Ceborn (Sebe) Vaughner (b. 1861) and Mary Ann Billingslea (b. 1863) in Pilot Point, Texas. Lover is the last of six children born to Sebe and Mary; Irene (b. 1887), Effie (b. 1891), Jenny (b. 1894), Goldie (b. 1895), Lewis (b. 1897), and L.D. “Lover” (b. 1898). Lover worked as a farm hand on his father’s farm in Pilot Point and, as a young man, registered to serve in the First and Second World Wars. On December 23, 1922, Lover married Allie Agnas Jackson in Pilot Point. Together, Lover and Allie had seven children; Inette (b. 1927), Jackson (b. 1931), George (b. 1932), Winonia (b. 1933), T.C. (b. 1934), Dorothy Jean (b. 1937), and J.D. (b. 1939). Lover worked as a farm hand for his father before WWI. During the interwar period, Lover joined the Works Progress Administration and worked as a laborer. Upon the start of WWII, Lover worked as a laborer for Johnnie Sitzes, a livestock dealer. Lover also took an active role in County Line Baptist Church in Pilot Point and even served as a deacon there. Lover was so involved in the church that the congregation included his name on a cornerstone created for the church in 1954. In the late 1940s, Lover moved to Apple Valley, California, just as the Richland Oil Company was founded. On November 7, 1994, Lover died at the age of ninety-six in San Bernardino, California. Lover’s body was brought back to Pilot Point, and he was interred in Pilot Point Memorial Cemetery where he was buried alongside Allie. Lover was preceded in death by his parents, his siblings, his wife, and two of his children, Winona and Jackson.


Though Lover was not buried in St. John’s Cemetery, he was an influential figure in the community.

County Line Baptist Church cornerstone (1954)

L. D. Varner, also known as Lover, was listed as a Deacon for the County Line Baptist Church. 1881-1954.

WWI Document of L. D. Lover Vaughner

Draft card of Lover Vaughner for World War I

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