Mary B. Finch Peace

PEACE, MARY B. FINCH (1894-1920): Mary B. Finch was born on December 20, 1894, in Denton County, Texas, to Gus Finch and Mariah Combs.  Gus (b. circa 1850) and Mariah (b. 1865) were both born in Alabama. Gus Finch and Mariah Combs were married in Denton County on October 16, 1892.  Mary B. Finch was the fourth of seven Finch children: Lizzie (b. 1887), Daisy (b. 1889), Willie (b. 1893), Mary (b. 1894), Arthur (b. 1896), Fred (b. 1900), and Roy (b. 1903).   The family lived on their farm that Gus owned, located off of Lowes Pilot Point and Denton Road. Here, Mary worked as a farm hand under Gus Finch’s account and earned a wage. By 1920, Mary Finch was married to Robert Peace (b. 1891) from Greenville, Texas.  Robert and Mary Peace lived in Justice Precinct #7 in Denton County and worked as farmers on the land Robert rented. On October 3, 1920, at 12:30 p.m., Mary died of mitral insufficiency. Mary B. Finch Peace was buried in St. John’s Cemetery on October 5, 1920.

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