Willie Pearl Jackson

Sister Willie Pearl Jackson was born in 1925 and is a native of Pilot Point. Becoming a member when she was 12 years old, she is the oldest living member of the St. James Baptist Church of Pilot Point. She has been active in her church community by teaching Sunday school since her early 20s. She attended school in Cooke County and mostly worked on the family farm growing up. She had nine children with her husband of sixty years and raised her family in Pilot Point. 

Sister Willie Pearl Jackson gives an account of her life growing up in Pilot Point in the 1920s to the present day. Being a 94-year-old Pilot Point native, she mentions the changes of her beloved town over time. (24:35-25:33) She gives narrative about her baptism in the St. James community at the age of twelve, (2:49-500) the wagon rides into town with her grandfather, and dealing with racism within Pilot Point. (13:00-16:02) Willie Pearl also gives a brief recollection of actually visiting the St. John’s church when it was still around, the cemetery, and even mentions a family member they suppose is buried there. (28:12- 32:21) 

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Willie Pearl Jackson, interviewed by Amanda Canady, April 19, 2018, University of North Texas Oral History Archive.