Pat Gulley

Born in McAlester, Oklahoma on February 24, 1934, Pat Gulley grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas during the hard times of the Great Depression and the Second World War as the daughter of a struggling merchant salesman. She attended college at the Western College for Women in Oxford, Ohio and received her bachelor’s in Speech and Drama at the University of Tulsa where she also met her husband. She began teaching in Oklahoma City in 1958 while her husband went to graduate school at the University of Oklahoma before finally moving to Denton in late 1962. Ms. Gulley was taking time off from teaching to raise her family when she joined the Denton Christian Women’s Interracial Fellowship and was active in several group projects including carpooling, tutoring, the 1964 Election, and the street pavement project. She was active until 1970 when she took up a job as a Drama instructor for the JobCorps branch in Dallas where she worked for over twenty years. Since then Pat Gulley continues to be an active member of the Denton community.

Oral Interview with Pat Gulley (2017: 1 of 5)

Pat Gulley describes growing up in North Texas and her early interactions with African Americans.

Oral Interview with Pat Gulley (2017: 3 of 5)

Gulley discusses her view of the DWIF's dissolution and activities after the DWIF's heyday.
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