Amarillo Daily News 1956-09-01


Amarillo Daily News 1956-09-01
This article, and the picture that accompanied it on the front page, builds the tension that had already started to boil the day before. It details the mobs’ efforts to search for blacks’ on incoming school buses, as well as a confrontation and shoving match that ensued between the mob and Assistant District Attorney Grady Hight of Fort Worth. Governor Shivers wastes no time in laying blame with the NAACP for the problems at Mansfield as he sends orders to both the Texas Rangers and the school. The NAACP, through attorney L. Clifford Davis, refuses to subject the black students to the threat of violence and unsuccessfully attempts to enroll them via telegram. The article also progresses the courtroom battle for the Mansfield School District saying the appeal in Houston was denied.
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McGraw, Preston. "Transfers Ordered at Mansfield," Amarillo Daily News (Amarillo, TX), Sept. 1, 1956.
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