Statement of Attorney General to Senate Judicary Committee 1957

Statement by Attorney General on Proposed Civil Rights Legislation

Attonrney General Herbert Brownell addressed the Senate Judicial Committee and told the senators he wanted the creation of a bipartisan commission to investigate asserted violations of law in the field of civil rights, especially involving the right to vote, and to make recommendations; "Creation of a civil rights division in the Depatment of Justice in charge of a Presidentially appointed Assistant Attorney General; Enactment by the Congress of new laws to aid in the enforcement of voting rights; Amendemt of the laws so as to permit the Federal Government to seek from the civil courts preventive relief in civil rights cases." This speech to the Senate Judicial Committee was given almost a year after Brownell's inital letter to the Vice President. Brownell reiterates the need to enforce current laws and the expansion of the federal government's role concering civil rights.