KXAS News Script: "Mansfield Continues To Defy Court Order"


KXAS News Script: "Mansfield Continues To Defy Court Order"
For the second day in a row a mob formed outside Mansfield High School to keep Negro students from registering. On this day Governor Allan Shivers sent Texas Rangers to the town to keep peace but not to intimidate any of the Mansfield citizens. Assistant District Attorney Grady Hight is escorted from the scene when a heated verbal exchange breaks out but Hight walks away uninjured. Also on this day a camera is broken but no other altercations occur. Three Negro students attempted to enroll via telegram but are denied because they must appear in person to register. Attorney for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) announces that no Negro students will register so long as there is a threat of mob violence.
Citizens of Mansfield continue to form outside Mansfield high school in order to keep Negros from registering
KXAS News Script: Mansfield Continues to Defy Court Order, UNT special collections, KXAS-TV/NBC-5, Fort Worth Tx.
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