KXAS News Script: "Mansfield School Opens"


KXAS News Script: "Mansfield School Opens"
A mob formed outside Mansfield high school for a third time on September 4th, the first day of school and the last day of registration. Texas Rangers were on the scene to make sure no violence erupted. Superintendent Huffman followed Shivers order to transfer out any Negro student who tried to register. On this day two notable persons arrived to make right the situation at Mansfield. A man named “Jesus Christ” asks permission to take down the effigy hanging from the flagpole but receives no help and vows to come back with a ladder but never returns. A second man named Reverend D. W. Clark shows up calling for the mod to disperse. Reverend Clark is escorted away by a Texas Ranger. The mob leaves quietly when it is certain that no Negro will register. The school board continues to fight for a delay of court order but Mansfield does not integrate.
For a third time a mob of white citizens forms outside Mansfield high school as the first day of classes begin.
KXAS News Script: Mansfield School Opens, UNT special collections, KXAS-TV/NBC-5, Fort Worth TX.
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