Austin American, “Justice Minton Permits Mansfield Delay Petition”


Austin American, “Justice Minton Permits Mansfield Delay Petition”
The Austin American Newspaper also includes a detailed account of the court proceeds evolving Mansfield. On September 2nd the newspaper published an article that includes the fight for Mansfield to legally remain segregated. Attorney for the Mansfield school district, J. A. Gooch receives permission from the U.S. Supreme Court justice Sherman Minton to request a delay of integration. Gooch sent a copy of the story of the controversy at Mansfield along with a petition to Judge Hugo Black in order to receive a delay of court order. This petition was one of the last means left in order for the school board to lawfully no allow Negro on campus.
Justice Minton granted Mansfield School Board permission to delay the enforcement of the court order to desegregate.
“Justice Minton Permits Mansfield Delay Petition.” Austin American. September 1, 1956, pg 2
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