Dandyism LIFE magazine Sept 1970


Dandyism LIFE magazine Sept 1970
Life Magazine publishes negative article on the Dandyism movement - "Dandyism has returned wear ruffles buy yourself a purse".

Peacocks and Dandies were criticized for their flamboyant, gender neutral clothing choice “The distress of many journalists, ready-to-wear makers, and retailers over the Peacock Revolution was firmly rooted in American traditions of gender-role socialization, by which boys were inculcated at the earliest possible age with orthodoxies of masculine behavior and identity—including gender-specific dress. Any deviation from these norms called into question the young man’s psychological health and could indicate a mental disorder, homosexuality, a condition regarded as particularly unacceptable in the United States by medical science, criminal statute, and especially religious dogma.”

Hill, Daniel Delis. "The Peacock Revolution." In Peacock Revolution: American Masculine Identity and Dress in the Sixties and Seventies, 85–172.
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Hill, Daniel Delis. "The Peacock Revolution.
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