Floral Patterned Heels

Our shoes, designed by Andrea Pfister and manufactured in Italy, are not just a piece of color and fabric. It has a wide life from its maker to its owner. This life, whose path crosses with TFC, inspires new lives. (Photo 1)

Its designer was born in Italy and grew up in Switzerland. After studying language and art in Italy, he moved to France and made designs. (Photo 2) And here he opened his first store. (Photo 3) This multicultural life increased his creativity, paved the way for his multicolored designs. And apart from the shoe I examined, he created multicolored designs that imitate nature. (Photo 4) He reflected the women's spirit very well in the shoes he designed. (Photo 5) And our shoe, covered with high heel, red flower and white leaf patterns, were born thanks to this point of view of the designer. (Photo 6) The same brand also has similar patterned designs. As far as we understand from this scarf pattern, the patterns applied on our shoes in the 70's reflected the fashion of the period. (Photo 7)

Perhaps this was what attracted the attention of our shoe donator "Claudia Heard de Osborne". (Photo 8) It fell into his hands, she used our shoe for years. Our open toe platform shoe have an open back design. Perhaps, the sculptural feel of the heel, from thick to thin, impressed Cladia Heard, who used the shoe at a young age. (Photo 9) Claudia, who has many donations at TFC, has been involved in many fashion works after marrying her wealthy husband. (Photo 10) She had a good understanding of fashion and worked with famous designers. Having this shoe designed by Andrea is an indication of how well she understands fashion. With an ankle strap and light buckle, the open side shoe is a stylish example of its era. In 1975, she donated dozens of clothing materials, including our shoe, to TFC and opened a new page in the life of our platform high heels. We encounter one of the related news in Dallas Morning News's 1982 article. This shows that donations are made periodically by Claudia. (Photo 11)

Our shoe has been in many exhibitions in the Texas Fashion Collection. We see one of these exhibitions in the 1988 issue of the North Texas Daily. Giving information about the exhibition, Myra Walker states that the 68 events inspired the 60s and said that Andrea's shoes will also be on display. (Photo 12)

Platform heels shoes that emerged towards the end of the 1930s came to an important place in fashion with. In the past, the heights of the heel and toe parts were close to each other, and it became aesthetic over time. (Photo 13) This style, which is found by filling between the sole and heel in the absence of good quality steel, has found the opportunity to reach large masses with its use in USA. Reaching hundreds of fashion lovers with the exhibitions I mentioned, our platform heel shoe inspired many people in the following periods. As our shoe lives at TFC, perhaps it will continue to inspire those who visit its.


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